Joe has an interesting story on how he got into the Charter Business. He graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2007 with a degree in business marketing, and began working in the corporate world as a recruiter. He worked in a cubicle for 3 years. There wasn’t a window in site, the fluorescent lights seemed to burn a hole in his soul, and he was being told he couldn’t wear certain things (even though he looked really good!)… As opposed to feeling good about being able to support himself on a decent salary he decided to quit his job right after the bubble burst shocking his boss and friends. He basically told his family and friends that this way of life sucks, and he was going to search for new opportunities in the Virgin Islands.

Upon arriving he ended up getting a job as a crew member for a 65’ sailing catamaran that took cruise ship guests out sailing and snorkeling. His passion for life was instantly re-ignited, and he knew he had made a great decision making the move to the Virgin Islands. He worked for a year on the catamaran, met a super hot and cool chick named Amanda, and the two of them got hitched and started One Love Charters! Joe has his captains license, is CPR certified, and has a true passion for boating in the Virgin Islands.

Everyday he spends with his guests is enjoyed just as much by him, as his guests, and he is grateful for being able to make a living doing something he enjoys so much. He says this job should almost be illegal b/c it’s so rewarding and fun! Joe captains charters himself and also manages other captains for the business. He requires captains to have extensive boating knowledge/licenses for safety, and won’t hire anyone unless they’re passionate about the job. He and Amanda recently bought an old school bus which they plan on converting to an eco-friendly off grid tiny home that will be parked somewhere to be determined on the island of St. Thomas.

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Amanda was lucky enough to have an uncle who lived in St. Thomas when she was growing up, so she would spend her summers here in the Virgin Islands hanging out at beaches, camping, serving drinks (at a bar at age 10 no joke), and taking in all the natural beauty that these islands have to offer. She always knew that after college she would come back to the islands to live at least for a year, and then she would move back and start her big girl job.

This probably would have happened if she hadn’t run into an interesting guy one day at a local St. John watering hole known as Woody’s. It was here she met Joe, and ended up riding the ferry back to St. Thomas with him and ending the night on a friendly handshake (Joe played it cool). The two fell in love pretty quickly, got a dog, got hitched and started two business’s with one of them being One Love Charters.

Amanda is the friendly voice you’ll most likely hear when calling the One Love Charters office. She talks to her customers as if they were old friends, and makes the booking process is as easy as making a dinner reservation. She’ll also come on the boat as crew sometimes when the office work is low and will basically have a good time with you as Joe does all the real work….

Overall, Amanda loves her little chain of island that she now calls home, and cant wait to talk to you about your groups interests and how we can make your day with One Love Charters the best day of your vacation.

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Landon D. Jensen CAPTAIN (born June 18, 1984)who is a Human Male, From Seattle Washington and one of the most historically significant figures of the 21st Century. Landon commanded one of the first Water Jetpacks in the Caribbean and launched himself into the stars, where his colleague Mark coined Landon “Sky Fly…”

He is the son of the most Famous author in his family, Jeff Jensen for writing his best book yet “What a hoot, let’s recruit” This pushed Landon to a whole new level of Captaincy, giving him the first US Coast Guard issued Captains license in his entire family. Landon took his first mariner position in the unforgiving cold Alaskan Waters of the Gulf of Alaska, Fishing for Halibut and Salmon. His leadership aboard his boat the “Provider” was not overlooked. As “One Love Charters” was looking for a captain they called upon Landon to captain their vessel in the same waters as the pirates of the 1600 did, just like Blackbeard himself. Landon is great at showing customers a fun day on the water, but really it is about hosting his new friends. Landon Explores the secret beaches, unforgettable snorkeling spots, and then guides you to a local watering hole for some of the best island libations around (Just like Edward Teach did himself)! Landon Has been working full time on boats for many years, and is happy to call One Love Charters home. The salt life is his way to explore life and keep himself happy. The Cure for anything, SALTWATER! Sweat, Tears or the Sea! Let him share his passion with you, and enjoy one of the best hosts the caribbean has to offer!

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