Picture this: You’re aboard a luxurious charter boat from St Thomas to Jost Van Dyke, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the turquoise Caribbean waters as your backdrop. Embark on a day filled with exploration and relaxation from St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke. This post guides you through chartering with One Love Charters, planning your trip, and ensuring a memorable journey.


Selecting the Right Charter for Your Island Getaway

Selecting a charter boat for Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands can be daunting for newcomers. However, with over 10 years of experience, One Love Charters makes the journey easy and enjoyable, guiding you every step of the way.


Make sure everyone in your group has valid passports as they will need to be on the boat with you for the entire charter.


Choose a boat that fits your group’s size, needs, and budget. Every boat licensed for fare-paying passengers to Jost Van Dyke BVI has passed CVLA (Commercial Vessel Licensing Authority) inspections, including stability tests to confirm passenger capacity. Look for this info on reputable companies’ websites as a baseline for your group size.

Your Guide from St. Thomas

Once you’ve found a boat that can accommodate the size of your group you can begin to think about features and costs. The larger the boat the more horsepower/engines it needs to get up to operating speed. A four-engine boat usually moves faster but may have fuel expenses twice as high as a smaller, two-engine boat. Consider these factors when selecting a boat for your private charter. Many guests often say their boating day is the trip’s highlight. So, keep calm and boat on.

Ideal Departure Times for Your Island Adventure

Start your Jost Van Dyke adventure from an East End marina in St. Thomas or Cruz Bay if you’re staying on St. John. Our boat is located at Compass Point Marina conveniently located on the east end of St. Thomas, and has plenty of free parking if traveling by car. If staying on St. John we offer free pickups in Cruz Bay and the Westin Resort to begin your adventure over to Jost!

St. Thomas Boat Rental Give us a call if you’re staying at the Ritz Carleton on St Thomas or Cowpet Bay as we can drop an anchor there and pick you up beachside free of charge. It’s good to start your boating day early, so we recommend 8:30 a.m. All our British Virgin Island Charters run for a total of 8 hours, so if you have other timing in mind give us a call! We can be flexible with your group and want to make it the best day of your entire vacation.

Journey Duration from St. Thomas: What to Expect

Getting over to Jost Van Dyke from St Thomas can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. If it turns out to be a windy day, then travel times get pushed to the longer end, and if it’s a flat calm zero wind, travel times get pushed to the lower end. Either way getting to Jost is always an option on our boat, and the ride is absolutely beautiful in its way! We will Cruz through the breathtaking National Park Waters of St. John. There are pristine untouched hillsides with some of the best turquoise waters and white sand beautiful beaches in the entire world. If you’re up for a quick turtle snorkel en route to Jost Van Dyke, we’ll go by Maho Bay, known for its turtles and stingrays on the grassy seabed!

Iconic stops

Jost Van Dyke – “The Bare-Foot Island”

Jost Van Dyke is a favorite for One Love Charters, where owners Joe and Amanda Trattner celebrated their wedding, soaking in its timeless Caribbean charm with loved ones. The island evokes an early 1900s feel, with places that transport you back in time, reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s “Rum Diaries.” With its white sand beaches, food and drink shacks at every corner, and a vibe that wins hearts on Instagram, a boat rental from St. Thomas to this idyllic island promises a journey to paradise.


FIRST: Great Harbor

Stop at Great Harbor to check in at customs, visit the one-room jail, a mom-and-pop bakery, the firehouse with one truck parked in front with a flat tire, and the world-famous Foxy’s Bar! As soon as the boat reaches the dock you’ll have no choice but to pull your camera out to start snapping pics that will make your family, friends, and co-workers want to de-friend you on all social media platforms!


Head to Sandy Spit on the island’s far east end, famous for its Corona commercials and stunning beauty, marked by a solitary palm tree. Dive into turquoise waters, snorkel the reef, sip a drink on the sand, and share last night’s tales in privacy – few will be around to listen!

THIRD: Sydney’s Peace

We’ll pull anchor and head to Sydney’s Peace and Love Lobster Shack! This hidden gem is often overlooked by other companies! Watch as your lobster is retrieved directly from a trap in the dock. We’ll dock the boat and introduce you to Strawberry, who manages the place. She lets you hop behind the beach bars to pour your drinks with an honor bar system still in place and will make sure her staff cooks the best meal that can be found in all of the British Virgin Islands.


Your St. Thomas boat rental should include a visit to the iconic Soggy Dollar Bar for a painkiller cocktail! This unique drink, born here, is unmatched by any other beach bar. It’s Joe Senior’s top spot in the world, and we believe you’ll love it as well.

USVI Powerboat Rental


How can we be responsible when traveling to Jost Van Dyke?

While indulging in the beauty and allure of the British Virgin Islands, we mustn’t forget the significance of responsible tourism. This means involving local people in decisions that affect their lives, supporting local businesses, and preserving natural and cultural resources.

In the British Virgin Islands, responsible tourism supports eco-friendly activities like hiking, snorkeling, and bird watching. So, how can you be a responsible tourist? By supporting local, ethical guides and investing in the sustainability of the island. This could involve joining a guided hike, participating in sustainable ocean activities, or visiting historical landmarks.

By doing so, you’ll be contributing to the environment and cultural preservation of the British Virgin Islands.

Can the journey be customized?

All itineraries booked with One Love Charters are 100% customizable! Joe and Amanda here, along with our kids Joey and Lola. We’re seasoned travelers, having explored the Caribbean, North and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We love discovering new places, tastes, and conversations. For us, the joy of travel dims under the strict schedules of typical travel guides. We prefer the unique touch of small, family-run businesses, which tend to offer a more genuine and memorable experience. Our aim is to replicate this personalized approach for our guests, ensuring our captains deliver exceptional service. We’re excited to create unforgettable memories with you and promise to show you the highlight of your trip. Cheers to future adventures with us!

We are repeat customers of OneLoveCharters. They did an excellent job on our March 23rd charter. Captain Dom did a great job and the day was great fun!
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