Welcome to Willy T’s, the floating epitome of Caribbean adventure. Set sail for Norman Island and anchor down at this legendary bar and restaurant. Here’s your direct line on what to expect—from jump-off-the-deck thrills to tantalizing local dishes—at this BVI hotspot.

Key Takeaways

  • Willy T’s, a historic floating bar in the BVI, delivers a unique pirate-themed experience with ties to ‘Treasure Island’ and signature drinks like the Original Willy T Pirates Rum.
  • Guests can experience authentic Caribbean dining with local seafood, diverse drinks, and a relaxed setting perfect for groups and parties.
  • Reaching this iconic floating bar requires a boat ride, ideally with OneLoveCharters, featuring snorkeling and the famed ‘Willy T Jump’.

The Legendary Willy T’s

The Willy T Floating Bar and Restaurant is located in a beautiful turquoise cove known as “The Pirates Bite” at Norman Island and is a must for any boating enthusiast while traveling through the BVI’s. The local folklore has rumors that Robert Louis Stevenson’s book Treasure Island was inspired by this magical place.

Launched in 1989, Willy T’s is named after Jost Van Dyke Island’s William Thornton. It’s a historic, fun hotspot in the British Virgin Islands.

Willy T’s faced a setback in 2017 when a hurricane hit. However, the spirit of Willy T’s remained undeterred. With a resilient rebuild, it returned to its beloved spot at The Bight on Norman Island in 2019. Located in ‘The Pirates Bite,’ Willy T’s offers an experience linked to Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’. This connection to a world of pirates and buried gold makes a visit to Willy T’s an adventure in itself.

Why Willy T’s?

The Willy T is a must-stop on your powerboat charter to the BVI’s serving up a delicious lunch, cold beverages, and an atmosphere like no other. The owner’s passion for fishing ensures a menu rich in fresh, locally caught seafood, alongside many other delicious options. Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi, and Calamari are all possibilities to replenish your energy from a good snorkel at the nearby caves and Indian BVI national marine parks close by.

After lunch and a possible Painkiller cocktail, make sure you walk up the infamous steps to the second level where you will find a sign hanging on the back of the boat that reads “No Jumping…..”. Ensure to ignore the sign, step over the guard rail, and cannonball yourself 12 feet down into the sea! Willy T’s, a ‘floating magical bar,’ offers a space where rules flex and the thrill of jumping is a highlight for many.

Whether you’re munching on fresh locally caught seafood or savoring the other delicious food options, Willy T’s offers an atmosphere like no other. It’s a must-stop on your powerboat charter to the BVI’s, offering a unique and unbelievably fun experience.

Fresh Local Seafood

This iconic floating tavern offers more than just drinks – it’s also a culinary paradise serving authentic Caribbean flavors.  The menu features locally caught seafood and hand-carved meats, complemented by homemade sauces for an authentic Caribbean taste.

Minnesota restaurant’s menu delights diverse tastes with Anegada Conch Fritters and Caribbean BBQ Chicken Wings. Plus, their daily specials often showcase local fish and occasionally offer steak, ensuring new and exciting dishes for returning guests.

Casual Atmosphere Perfect for Group Dining

The relaxed ‘dive bar’ vibe at Willy T’s fosters a laid-back environment, perfect for easygoing group gatherings. Enjoy an authentic Caribbean culinary experience for lunch (12-3 pm) or dinner (6 pm).

Willy T’s offers local dishes, such as chicken roti, in a welcoming environment. Perfect for home-inspired favorites, family meals, group dining, and enjoying a nice outdoor meal with friendly staff.

How to reach WILLY T’s by boat in the Virgin Islands?

This renowned floating bar is situated a few kilometers south of the west-end customs dock on Tortola. To get there you will check in at customs after a beautiful ride through US Virgin Islands waters, and start making your way through the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Along the way, you have two amazing snorkel stops known as “the Indians” and “the caves.” Each has a vibrant marine life with healthy reefs and colorful fish friends everywhere.

While the turquoise cove where Willy T’s is anchored may be inviting, swimming to the floating bar from The Bight at Norman Island is not an option. Instead, accessing the bar is best achieved by using a personal vessel or a private charter.

A OneLoveCharters private charter offers flexibility in travel arrangements, enabling a seamless addition of Willy T’s to a broader itinerary of activities throughout the British Virgin Islands.

The best day of their entire life

Renting a boat while traveling to the USVI should be a top priority, and will most likely result in everyone’s favorite day of the entire vacation. We’ve had guests leave reviews calling it “The best day of their entire life!” Ready to make unforgettable memories on the water? Why not contact us today to book your adventure?

Virgin Islands Boat Charters allow for tailored daily activities and destinations. This ensures each day, including time at Willy T’s, meets guest preferences.

Our boat, OneLoveCharters, ensures an enjoyable and rule-abiding journey. CVLA inspections ensure the boat’s safety and compliance with maritime regulations.

Activities and Entertainment at Willy T’s

Known for its lively atmosphere, this famous party vessel is often described as ‘quite crowded and boisterous.’ There’s no official closing time, so the festivities keep going as long as the guests do.

For those looking for a bit of adventure, the surrounding waters of Norman Island at Willy T’s offer the following activities:

  • Famous for its snorkeling spots, the waters around Norman Island provide an opportunity to observe rich marine life.
  • Jumping off the second story of a massive old pirate boat

As the evening progresses, guests at Willy T’s, an inviting tavern, typically enjoy dancing to lively music, creating a vibrant atmosphere that’s perfect for letting loose and making unforgettable memories. Get your cameras ready as you’ll be sure to create lifelong memories with your family and friends.

And of course, enjoying some of the best lunches around. We highly recommend trying the local cuisine which would include whatever fish was caught that morning. Wash it down with a painkiller, or cold Caribbean lager of your choice, and get that confidence up to leap the second story.

Tips for Planning Your Willy T’s Experience

When planning your trip to this celebrated floating bar, timing plays a crucial role.

The optimal time to experience this iconic floating bar on a day charter is throughout the year, with the lunch hour being the prime time for a visit. Locals and travelers come from all over the world to enjoy the freedom to let loose and enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out Willy T’s daily specials, which often feature fresh local fish and occasionally steak, to enhance the dining experience.

Why Choose OneLoveCharters?

Opting for a private charter with OneLoveCharters for your Willy T’s trip promises a memorable full-day adventure. This includes:

  • Exploring the British Virgin Islands
  • Visiting Willy T’s floating bar

Our boat and all partner vessels are fully equipped for day trips to Willy T. All boats undergo inspection by CVLA (Commercial Vessel Licensing Authority), and every listed boat on our site is accompanied by licensed and exceptionally fun captains. A private charter ensures a flexible itinerary, allowing guests to start their day early and fully immerse in the BVI’s beauty, including ample time at Willy T’s. Moreover, the cost of a luxury private charter can be shared among a group, making the trip to popular destinations like Willy T’s both cost-effective and indulgent for all involved.

So feel free to hit the book now button, choose a boat that suits your fancy, let your hair down, have some fun, and let us and our crew take care of the boring stuff.


In conclusion, Willy T’s Floating Bar and Restaurant offers an adventure like no other. Whether indulging in genuine Caribbean cuisine with freshly sourced seafood, braving a jump from the high deck, or enjoying a night filled with dance, this renowned floating tavern guarantees a memorable Caribbean adventure. So why wait? Charter your boat, set your course, and get ready to discover the best of Caribbean charm at Willy T’s!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Willy T’s now?

This renowned floating bar currently resides in The Bight, a sheltered bay off Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands. It’s a favored destination for those seeking a distinctive bar experience.

When is the best time to visit Willy T’s?

The best time to visit this popular floating establishment is during the lunch hour, which works well at any time of the year. Enjoy your visit!

What kind of food does Willy T’s offer?

Willy T’s offers a menu with fresh locally caught seafood and other local dishes for a taste of the region’s flavors.

Can I swim to Willy T’s Floating Bar from The Bight at Norman Island?

No, it’s advisable to use a personal vessel or secure a private charter for visiting this iconic floating pub.

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