If you’re looking for a calm place to relax, Cooper Island in the BVI is perfect. It’s got quiet beaches and a colorful underwater world. Just a boat ride away, this eco-friendly spot has great food and fun diving activities. Find out why Cooper Island is a special secret in the Caribbean.

Briefly the main thing

  • Cooper Island is a peaceful escape with clear waters and a comfy, nature-friendly Beach Club.
  • There’s lots to do—like scuba diving and snorkeling to see the beautiful reefs, checking out the island’s green brewery, and chilling at the Rum Bar with its huge rum selection.
  • OneLoveCharters makes the trip even better with custom tours and comfy travel, making getting to and from Cooper Island a breeze and part of the fun.

How Hidden is Paradise?

Cooper Island feels like a secret spot just for you. Right when you get there, it’s super quiet and private, with beautiful beaches and clear blue water. You’ll see turtles and fish under the water, making it feel like a peaceful escape from the busy world.

Cooper Island is in the Little Sisters islands and is perfect if you love quiet, beautiful places. It’s like those dreamy holiday spots where everything is calm, and the ocean gently moves.

Cooper Island Beach Club 

In the middle of this quiet place, the Cooper Island Beach Club is a cozy eco-friendly resort that captures the Caribbean’s charm. It has everything you need, like a tasty restaurant, a rum bar with lots of choices, and a coffee shop that feels welcoming. The resort has 12 rooms that are really nice and let you wake up right next to the calm Manchioneel Bay.

At the Beach Club, you can try foods from all over the world, making sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you like to start your day with something warm or sweet, the coffee shop is perfect. And if you’re into diving, Sail Caribbean Divers is right there to help you explore the ocean with scuba diving trips and gear rental.

Marine Life Marvels and Sandy Shores

Cooper Island’s underwater world is full of life and color, perfect for snorkeling. You can see turtles, big fish called tarpon, and brightly colored parrotfish. Manchioneel Bay is like a beautiful picture, with its clear waters, sandy beaches, and green trees that make everything feel peaceful.

For those who love diving, Wreck Alley is super exciting. It’s a place in the ocean where old ships lie under the water, now home to lots of sea creatures like eels and big fish called groupers. It’s a cool spot for an unforgettable diving adventure, and there are places nearby to tie up a boat.

Traveling to Cooper Island with OneLoveCharters

Getting to Cooper Island with OneLoveCharters is part of the fun. We know all about creating special trips that are just right for you, thanks to their local knowledge. The crew at OneLoveCharters doesn’t just take you there. They make the trip exciting from the start.

OneLoveCharters can plan around your schedule and has boats of different sizes to fit your needs, making sure you get to this peaceful place easily. Their private charters are fancy yet affordable, perfect for a special time with family or friends on Cooper Island.

Planning Your Trip

To make the most of Cooper Island, try to visit between December and May. That’s when the weather is perfect for sailing and the sea is calm, just like in beautiful photos. OneLoveCharters suggests coming during this time to really enjoy everything.

When packing, remember to bring stuff for all you want to do, from snorkeling to fancy dinners. You want your bag to be ready for fun and chill times. If you’re not sure what to pack, OneLoveCharters can give you tips to make sure you have everything for a great start to your trip.

Fun Tours Just for You

Going on a trip with OneLoveCharters is all about having fun your way. Want to go fishing or dive into the sea? We’re all about planning the perfect day for what you love. You might end up snorkeling around beautiful reefs or sipping drinks on a cool floating bar. We make sure every part of your adventure is just what you hoped for.

OneLoveCharters is really good at making special trips that feel just right for you. Whether you want to spend your day exploring or finding secret spots on Cooper Island, we’re dedicated to making every moment something special you’ll always remember.

What Delicacies Await?

At the Cooper Island Beach Club, you’re in for a treat where delicious food meets the chill Caribbean lifestyle. Enjoying a meal here is more than just eating; it’s a feast for your senses, starting with tasty conch fritters and moving through a range of yummy seafood and local flavors.

But the club offers more than just amazing meals. The whole place makes you feel refreshed and relaxed, with every drink feeling as cool and welcoming as a sea breeze. Lunchtime smoothly turns into happy hour, and finding your new favorite cocktail becomes a fun part of your beach day.

Evening Drinks at the Rum Bar

When the sun starts to set, the Rum Bar at the Cooper Island Beach Club is the place to be. It welcomes everyone, whether you’re a rum expert or just curious, to celebrate rum in a peaceful setting. With more than 280 types of rum, you can learn about rum’s rich history and try some that are paired with rum-infused chocolates, making each sip a memorable journey.

The Rum Bar is more than just a spot for drinks. It’s where happy hour meets history. Every drink tells a story, making your visit here something you’ll remember long after your vacation ends, even after your glass is empty.

In What Ways is Cooper Island Eco-Friendly?

Cooper Island is all about being kind to the planet. This place takes eco-friendly travel seriously, using solar power for the resort and collecting rainwater to use again. They care a lot about nature, which you can see in their project to help local wildlife, centered around a tower where you can learn about and watch the animals. It’s all about teaching and doing good for the environment.

Everywhere you look, the island is doing its best to reduce harm to the earth. They use energy-saving ways to keep places to stay comfortable and follow eco-friendly rules in everything they do. When you visit Cooper Island, you’re stepping into a community that really wants to protect its beautiful nature for future generations to see.

Eco-Friendly Beer Tasting

The Cooper Island Beach Club has a brewery that’s all about being green. They make their beer using solar power and careful water use, proving you can have great beer that’s also good for the planet. Visitors can try these eco-friendly beers right where they’re made.

The brewery adds to the relaxed island atmosphere, offering local beers perfect for enjoying as the sun sets. It’s a cozy spot for ending the day on the beach, where every sip not only tastes good but also helps support the island’s eco-friendly efforts.


The Cooper Island Wildlife Observation Tower is perfect for anyone who loves nature. You can see amazing views of birds, whales, and sea turtles living their lives. It’s also a great place to watch hermit crabs up close, making your visit even more special.

This tower isn’t just for looking at animals. It’s a place where you can learn about how to help the island’s natural places and creatures. Visiting the tower gives you a chance to understand more about protecting the environment while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Where to Shop and Relax on Cooper Island?

Cooper Island invites you to chill out and enjoy the little things. The slow pace here makes it easy to relax, whether you’re sunbathing or enjoying tasty snacks at the Coffee Box café. And if you feel like shopping, the Seagrape Boutique at the Cooper Island Beach Club has lots of unique gifts and souvenirs.

At the Sea Grape Boutique, you can find everything from cool Cooper Island gear to beautiful local crafts. They offer fancy beach clothes and decorations that mix tropical vibes with a touch of city chic. It’s not just any shop; it’s a place that shows off the special feel of Cooper Island.

Finding Keepsakes at the Gift Shop

The Seagrape Boutique is more than a regular gift shop. It’s where you can find special things to remember your island trip by. There are all sorts of Cooper Island goodies like stickers, bottle openers, and t-shirts. If you love jewelry, there’s a beautiful selection from local makers and famous designers, each showing off the island’s charm and craftsmanship.

This shop isn’t just for souvenirs; it’s also a spot to pick up stylish resort wear from big-name brands that fit the laid-back island style. The shop itself feels welcoming and stylish, with white walls and cool driftwood pieces.

Starting Your Cooper Island Adventure

Booking your trip to Cooper Island is super easy. Just a few clicks on the OneLoveCharters website, and you’re on your way. We make it simple to book, so you can start looking forward to your island adventure.

OneLoveCharters is ready to welcome everyone, whether you’re traveling alone or with friends. We want to help make your Caribbean dream a reality, making sure planning your trip feels as smooth as sailing on calm waters.

Making Memories with OneLoveCharters

Want to make some unforgettable memories on Cooper Island? OneLoveCharters is ready to help you plan the perfect trip. Just give me a call or send an email, and we’ll take care of making your island adventure full of fun and excitement.

We’re experts in arranging yacht trips and personalized plans to make sure you have the best time on Cooper Island. Our special touch and careful planning mean every trip with us is one you’ll always remember.


Cooper Island is a hidden gem with its quiet beaches, awesome Beach Club, and love for keeping things green. From the amazing sea life to the eco-friendly brewery, there’s so much to enjoy in a peaceful and luxurious setting. Whether you’re bird-watching from the observation tower or chilling by the ocean, Cooper Island gives you a trip that’s both fun and meaningful. Ready for an adventure that’s all about you? OneLoveCharters is just a booking away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cooper Island known for?

Lying roughly 4 miles south of Tortola, Cooper Island is a favored destination for snorkelers and divers thanks to its adjacent attractions and serves as a preferred mooring spot for cruising yachts. On this island, one can find the acclaimed Cooper Island Beach Club that encompasses not only a beach club with dining facilities, but also features an on-site rum bar and brewery.

How many people live on Cooper Island?

Cooper Island is devoid of any permanent inhabitants.

Where is Coopers Іsland?

Situated at Bermuda’s southeastern extremity, Cooper’s Island boasts serene nature reserves and walking paths. It provides entry to picturesque public beaches that afford breathtaking views of Castle Harbour.

What is the best time to visit Cooper Island?

The ideal period for a trip to Cooper Island spans from December through May due to favorable sailing conditions and dry weather during these months.

Have a delightful time on your visit!

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