Our 28 foot Everglades Center Console is such amazing ride for your special day on the water. Powered by dual Yamaha 250 hp 4 stroke engines, she is truly the perfect boat for your island hopping experience in the BVI and U.S. Virgin Islands.


Specific features to our boat “Two Love”

  • Two Love can comfortably accommodate up to 9 passengers with wrap around lounge seating at the bow, a co-captain seat at the helm, and a comfy bench seat at the stern allowing everyone on board to relax and enjoy the ride!


  • Equipped with an Engel cooler that comes fully stocked with ice and water at the stern for easy access. Feel free to bring other adult beverages, sodas, or snacks for the cooler!


  • Equipped with dual Yamaha 250 hp 4 stroke engines, they are considered to be the most reliable engines on the market. Two Love is fast, and will get you to multiple stops quickly throughout your charter.


  • Locking dry storage closet in the center of the boat to store any of your belongings that need to stay dry.


  • Snorkel gear with anti-fog spray for everyone on board including the kids!


  • 3 step swim ladder hanging off the stern of the boat for easy access on and off the boat while anchored in a bay.


  • Top of the line JL Audio Marine Stereo System to play all your favorite tunes while galavanting through the islands.

One Love Charters takes great pride on maintaining our boat to the highest standards ensuring your overall St. Thomas Boat Rental Experience is the best it can be!

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