Best U.S. Virgin Island Beaches to Visit by Boat

Best U.S. Virgin Island Beaches to Visit by Boat

Strap your seatbelts on as we are about to zoom through the best beaches the U.S. Virgin Islands offer accessible by boat!

Instead of just naming off the top advertised beaches to visit we wanted to expand and include many that are only reachable by boat! After traveling all over the world visiting beaches in Thailand, Mexico, Chile, etc… We agree that St. Thomas and St. John play host to some of the most amazing white sand and turquoise waters we have ever seen! So with the background established let us get into our top 3 at this point in our lives (U.S. Virgin Islands Only)!

#3 Little Magens – St. Thomas Beaches

This gem located a few hundred yards away from world famous “Magens Bay” is only accessible by water! Things to look for include white sand with no one taking up the precious real estate you’re looking for! Here you can hop off the boat, lay your towel down, and take in the beauty you’ve been searching for! There’s a  small chunk of a sunken ship that has sea life growing all over it that is pretty cool to look at. We like this beach for its privacy, beautiful sand, and calm waters rustling onto the beach that can bring you to that perfectly relaxed state of mind!

#2 Maho Bay – St. John Beaches

Maho Bay has a special place in our hearts as we spent one of our first date weekends there together five years ago. We loved it so much we named our dog “Maho!” This beach is accessible via car but has mooring balls that we can tie the boat to about 50 feet from shore. The cool thing about this bay is that it is one of the best locations to swim with sea turtles in their natural habitat! You can put a snorkel mask/fins on, and hop off the boat to take in an amazing underwater beauty! You’ll notice that on your short swim to the beach that there’s sand and seagrass that lines the ocean floor. This offers sea turtles food, so if you look hard enough you’ll be able to find families of turtles feeding. You’ll be able to witness one of the coolest creatures the ocean plays home too!  The St. John National park surrounds this beautiful beach making you feel like you have found true island paradise!

#1 Little Cinnamon – St. John Beaches

Little Cinnamon is only accessible by boat, which ensures complete privacy! The boat can drop you off right at the sand, or you can make a short swim to this unforgettable beach. Calm Turquoise waters flow onto this secluded strip of sand, and we’re positive relaxation will follow as soon as you step foot on it’s sand. With views of Jost Van Dyke, Whistling Cay, and Peter bay this beach is remarkable! It makes a great spot for a family picnic, a midday nap, or swim/floating session to pass the time right on by. We frequent this beach with our family on days off, and everyone agrees that this is one of the best beach spots the VI has to offer!

There you have it… Our top 3 beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands! If you’re booking a charter with us, and would like to visit any of these we would be more than happy to make it happen! Cheers, and until our next blog entry we wish you safe travels and happy boating!

The One Love Team

-Joe, Amanda, and Maho Trattner

Joe Trattner
Joe Trattner

With One Love Charters it’s more about the journey than the destination! Owners Joe and Amanda Trattner are self-proclaimed travelers who moved from the mainland in search of adventure and new opportunity. They learned the local way of life, and the amazing destinations that the British/U.S. Virgin Islands have to offer, and would love to share their expertise with you during your travels. Joe and Amanda are truly passionate about their little chain of islands, and want to make sure that by the end of your day with us that you’ll have memories to last a life time.

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