Jost Van Dyke – “The Bare-Foot Island”

Jost Van Dyke is One Love Charter’s favorite island as owners Joe and Amanda Trattner chose this destination for their wedding where they shared and basked in its charm with all family and friends! The island still has old Caribbean charm with certain places that make you feel like you’ve arrived in the early 1900’s. A St. Thomas boat rental aboard our boats to this enchanting island will make you feel as if you’ve gone back in time, and are experiencing a story that parallels Johnny Depp’s Rum Diaries! White sand beaches everywhere, a shack that serves food, beer, and painkillers at every turn. The quintessential island paradise that makes Instagram followers tap the heart button as if their own pulse relied on it!

Our Top Spots For a Jost Van Dyke Boat Trip:


Stop at Great Harbor to check in at customs, visit the one-room jail, a mom and pop bakery, the firehouse with one truck parked in front with a flat tire, and world famous Foxy’s Bar! As soon as the boat reaches the dock you’ll have no choice but to pull your camera out to start snapping pics that are sure to make your family, friends, and co-workers want to defriend you on all social media platforms!

Jost Van Dyke via One Love Charters

Jost Van Dyke – View from Foxy’s Tamarind Bar


Let us head to Sandy Spit off the far east end of the island that has played host to numerous Corona commercials due to its sheer beauty with a lone palm tree. Here you can jump off the boat into the most turquoise of waters, snorkel a reef, enjoy a drink in the sand, and laugh with each other about what happened the night before….. Don’t worry, there won’t be many people around to hear your stories!

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke – Come Anchor Here on your St. Thomas Boat Rental with One Love Charters


We’ll pull anchor and head to Sydney’s Peace and Love Lobster Shack! This is our diamond in the rough that many other companies don’t even know exist! You’ll be able to see your lobster pulled right out of a trap that’s built into the dock. We’ll tie the boat and meet our friend Strawberry who runs the joint. She lets you hop behind the bar to pour your own drinks with an honor bar system still in place, and will make sure her staff cooks the best meal that can be found in all of the British Virgin Islands.

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke – Sydneys Peace and Love Lobster Shack Serviced by One Love Charters

Last But Not Least:

Your St. Thomas boat rental must make a stop at world famous Soggy Dollar Bar to enjoy a painkiller cocktail! This delicious concoction originated right here and has tried to be duplicated by all other beach bars with ZERO success. It is Joe Seniors favorite place on the planet, and we think you’ll enjoy it too.

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke – One Love Charters is your best option for your Virgin Islands Boat Charter